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I’ve been busy working on several PHP/MySQL web development projects. For the last few of them, I have been using PHP Object Generator to generate all of my Database Abstraction Layer/ORM code. One of the new things I have been trying out is modeling my database using UML. I used to sit down with phpMyAdmin and do my database design directly in SQL, but since I am going through POG to create the database, that wasn’t an option anymore.

So I started using Dia, and started modeling my tables as objects. That still left me with entering the field names from the diagram into the form for my local copy of POG. So I recently decided that I should write a script that transformed the dia XML format into a SOAP request to POG (POG has a built-in SOAP interface to its object generator), and then create the files for each class with the returned code.

I’m releasing the code to my little python script. There isn’t much error checking (or comments), and it may break on certain diagrams. Read the source for more details.

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