All About John

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For those of you that haven’t noticed yet: My name is John Weaver, and (among other things) I’m a software developer and entrepreneur who lives near Olympia, Washington. This is where I am going to relate some anecdotes about myself that will hopefully give you a better idea of who it is that is writing all of this text hanging out here in cyberspace.

I like solving problems, building systems, and learning new things. I love building powerful user interfaces, deep data visualizations, and scalable backend services. I live devops 1. I like being part of a small, focused team of innovators and building solutions that make the world a little more organized and thoughtful.

I pretty neatly fit the definition of a full-stack developer, and that’s what I’ve been doing at Saltbox (makers of Wax LRS), flitting back and forth between maintenance and new features for both the Python backend, the AngularJS frontend, and the various additional services we run on top of AWS (Lambda functions, workers polling SQS or driven by PostgreSQL asynchronous notifications, etc).

When I’m not making software, I’m exploring the works of others: fanfic, YouTube let’s plays, twitch streams, and new projects on GitHub.

  1. As in, I think about the whole system; how all the pieces can come together and operate as a whole; and how I can leverage all the tools at my disposal to make operations that are replicable, automated, and reliable.